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When reporting on arrests, we believe there is a fine balance between informing the public on news items, and not having a story follow a person on the internet and in search results forever. Here at Scoop: Robertson, we publish to our website, our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Apple News, Google News, Yahoo News, and several mugshot/crime websites, to include white label (privately branded) properties. Removal from all these outlets and associated search engine results is a service we offer after a news cycle has passed.

Email or use the chat window at the bottom of the screen to request the removal of an item for free within 30 days. Additional expedited options are below:

Express Removal

Scoop: Robertson Express Removal Support Ticket

  • Removal from our website, social media (FB/IG/TW), Google News, & Apple News within 72 hours
  • Submit removal requests for Google – these take additional time to remove from their caches, but are submitted with your request.